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Storage drawer for coffee capsules

We bought a Nespresso coffee maker. Compared to our old filter machise, the coffee taste is much better. But capsules storage quickly becomes a hell!

Existing storages are attractive but not really practical : either you opt for a box (too bad, aroma you want is under all other) either you opt for a rack that takes a lot of space (and I do not want to exhibit my capsules).

A drawer which has my maker size, that is the solution!

I measured my Nespresso Lattissima and I did a boxes hunting.
In a DIY store, I found two bathroom organizers that have the perfect size.

The two fit together well, the transparent one is just a bit too high.
I’m going to play with my Dremel ;-)

I remove 1 cm high on the box that will be the drawer.

A cutout on the narrow side of the box that will be the base.

Here is my drawer.

I add a wedge because the drawer is shorter than the base.

To find back the plexi brightness after cutting, it is necessary to heat the material. The ideal is a mini-torch not to exceed 180 °, but I don’t have one.

Alternative: an iron set on cotton, seam disabled and inserting wax paper. Iron until your wax paper becomes transparent, that is when the plastic is melted below. I admit it is a bit tedious.

I folded guides with cardstock in order to keep the capsules aligned.
I made a small tab with tape (shame on me, I don’t have any nice washi tape …).

Arranged alternately in order to store more capsules.

– 40 capsules, 8 different flavors
– readily available
– Minimum of space : the machine is only 4cm enhanced (1″1/2)

I sticked my specifications!

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  • Geneviève

    10 Mar 2017

    Génial l’idée. Je vais partir à la chasse des boites. Merci pour ce bricolage.

    • Faitmain-Faitcoeur

      15 Mar 2017

      Tiens moi au courant de tes découvertes et de ta création ;-)

  • Isabelle

    03 Dec 2016

    bonjour je viens de vous découvrir ce jour !!!
    et bien je dois dire que ma journée commence bien !!
    que de choses passionnantes
    BRAVO !!


      03 Dec 2016

      Merci, merci, merci :-)

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