Storage drawer for coffee capsules

We bought a Nespresso coffee maker. Compared to our old filter machise, the coffee taste is much better. But capsules storage quickly becomes a hell!

Existing storages are attractive but not really practical : either you opt for a box (too bad, aroma you want is under all other) either you opt for a rack that takes a lot of space (and I do not want to exhibit my capsules).

A drawer which has my maker size, that is the solution!

I measured my Nespresso Lattissima and I did a boxes hunting.
In a DIY store, I found two bathroom organizers that have the perfect size.

The two fit together well, the transparent one is just a bit too high.
I’m going to play with my Dremel ;-)

I remove 1 cm high on the box that will be the drawer.

A cutout on the narrow side of the box that will be the base.

Here is my drawer.

I add a wedge because the drawer is shorter than the base.

To find back the plexi brightness after cutting, it is necessary to heat the material. The ideal is a mini-torch not to exceed 180 °, but I don’t have one.

Alternative: an iron set on cotton, seam disabled and inserting wax paper. Iron until your wax paper becomes transparent, that is when the plastic is melted below. I admit it is a bit tedious.

I folded guides with cardstock in order to keep the capsules aligned.
I made a small tab with tape (shame on me, I don’t have any nice washi tape …).

Arranged alternately in order to store more capsules.

– 40 capsules, 8 different flavors
– readily available
– Minimum of space : the machine is only 4cm enhanced (1″1/2)

I sticked my specifications!

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