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News of my work-room

I uttered “Abracadabra” many times but it didn’t work : I spent hours to have this !
As I am fussy it took me many hours…

I wanted the color of the desk on my wall, but I didn’t find a desk that please me.
I made two walls “taupe” and two walls “linen”.
The laminate floor is made of these two colors ! (lucky).

Now it’s time for furnitures.

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  • Patricia

    04 Jan 2016

    very very nice, well done.


      07 Jan 2016

      Thanks. This room has become my favorite place :-)

  • RoseMarie

    13 Apr 2012

    J’en étais sûre, c’est très bien, COMPLIMENTS !! ça me fait même envie, un petit coin tout pour soi ou presque…Bon travail et à bientôt (espérons)…

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