Instructables (continuation)

I have already talk to you about the american website Instructables «share what you make», which regularly organizes contests.

My leitmotiv is to share and it’s very pleasant to have comments about my work (there is a large audience, much more than on my website ;-) ).

I took part in a new contest and if I don’t seek gains I was pampered !!
Icing on the cake, the results fell on my birthday :-)

Instructables 03Instructables 04
I shared my helmet hat on the “Wear it” contest.
I finished 4th (236 entries), and won :

– an iPad Air,
– a cordless Dremel,
– an Instructables Tshirt.

I still can’t believe it, it’s Christmas before Christmas !!
To all my subscribers : “Thanks to you, MERCI ! ♥”

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