I present to you my work-room

Visite atelier 01
It’s not finished, but I can work in it.

In the future :
– a radiator beside the sofa,
– decoration on the wall,
– pillows on the sofa.

Please, come in !

Visite atelier 03Visite atelier 04
I shifted the shelf to store my sewing machine.
All my fabrics, ironed, folded and carefully stored.

I don’t show you the second door : it’s what I didn’t carefully stored (horrible !).

Visite atelier 02
My crush : colored and magnet boards made of glass.
Too bad, no more anis color.

I can write what I want to create… and share with you !

Visite atelier 05
My desk.
Walls are neutral, but every objet I add must be coloured.
So I bought a violet chair.

Visite atelier 06Visite atelier 07
The necessary mini drawers to store braids, buttons and trinkets.

The wall color around and every front panel with a flashy color.

Visite atelier 08Visite atelier 10
Lost of drawers to store my furnitures.

I found everything in my mess, now it’s harder !
(I’m not used to this).

Visite atelier 11Visite atelier 12
Wonderfull for threads, no more knots.

Visite atelier 09
In France, for christmas, we find Lindt chocolate box (Pyrénéens).
The board has the size of bobbins !

Two good reasons to :
– keep everything, one day it can be useful,
– eat chocolate for christmas !!

I hope you enjoy the visit
Don’t forget the guide : I  get out of your comments !

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