Monogram etched on wine glasses

One of my colleague made me know a very good Languedoc rosé which has a very original name: the “Retour de plage” (return from beach)

For her retirement, I wanted to offer her two wine glasses engraved with her initial and her husband one. As he is already retired, they can savor (with moderation!) this rosé coming back from the beach.

Their first name start by an identical letter, so I opted for a triple monogram by inserting their last name initial.

To balance the design, I detached the glyphs from the beginning of the second “M” and mirrored them to the end.

As always accurate cuttings with the Cameo!
Watch out for the small parts when peeling (inside the M curl)…

I have a special vinyl for stencil, but it does not stick well on glasses curves. To make my stencil I use a basic vinyl, first price from supermarket.

monogram-etched-wine-glass-05 monogram-etched-wine-glass-06
Tips for etching:
– Print the pattern in white color on a black background. So you’ll see it better to stick your stencil.
– Draw a line at the top of the pattern. So your glasses will all have the design at the same place (like me, you can even decide at the last moment to shift this mark ;-) ).
– Wash the glasses and do not touch the etching area with your fingers. It would leave a greasy film and the etching cream would not react uniformly.

monogram-etched-wine-glass-01 monogram-etched-wine-glass-07
The most difficult step: the photo of the glass, because of reflections!!
Without a photo box it’s an impossible mission …

A shoe box covered with kraft paper, foam paper and flashy silk paper, my gift is ready !!

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