Tuto voodoo doll

Tuto Voodoo
You need :
– a ball of wool,
– a wooden board,
– 6 nails,
– glue.

No, there’s no wire…

Tuto Voodoo1
The nice size is 5 cm high (2”) so I took a séyès sheet of paper (each square is 0.3”).

Plant nails on each red dot.
Do not plant them to much, you will have to take off 2 or 3.

WARNING : the doll is all done with only one thread, do not cut it until the end.

Tuto Voodoo2
Unuse 20 cm (8”) thread (I tape it behind the board) and make 3 turns around nails (look at the track).

Leave the thread on stand-by (don’t cut it !).

Take back the unuse thread and turn around the central nail weaving on and under parts of the skeleton.
Make a double knot with this thread and the ball of wool (don’t cut it !).

Tuto Voodoo3
Take off 3 nails to release the skeleton.

From now on, you will have to pull the thread until the end (to obtain a stiff doll).

Turn aroud the arm and return (stop 1mm before the end of the arm).
Take care not to overlap the thread.

Tuto Voodoo4
Do the same for the other arm, the two leggs and the head.
(After each limb the thread is near the “navel”).

Tuto Voodoo5
Turn around the head to obtain a shape of olive.

Tuto Voodoo6
Turn around this “olive” as you make a ball of wool.

Keep pulling the thread, otherwise your doll will loose its head…

At the end, turn twice around the neck.
You can cut the thread !!
With a wool needle, slide the thread through the head.

Tuto Voodoo7
Put some glue at the end of arms and leggs.

Tuto Voodoo
Coming soon, clothes for the doll.

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