Penguin fancy dress costume

I don’t know what inspired me : linux or “the march of the penguins” ?…
Unluckyly, the carnival day was very sunny.

With this pattern you can make it whenever it’s for a child or an adult.

Taking white felt for the center piece stiffed the costume.
The triangle sleeve allows to hide hands.
I used quilted fabric for the beak and the flaps.

Sew the body, leaving 2 holes for the sleeves… and one for the head !
Sew the sleeves and fix it to the body.
Sew the flap (make it long to the top in order to fix it under the sock or under the shoe tongue).
Make a satin stitch all around the flap.
Sew eyes onto the hood. Using interfacing under the fabric so you can cut eye’s hole without oversewing (the pinguin needs to know where he puts his palms).
Sew the beak.
Sew the two parts of the hood to close it.
For the crane we used a too big ski cap full of fiberfill.


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