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Magic wallet

Portefeuille magique2
With a pocket to store the credit card.

Zebra vinyl for the outside, velvet vinyl for the inside.

You can find the tuto HERE.

Portefeuille magique



Magazines box

Boites magazines
By making it yourself you can fit it to your magazine.

Some cardboard and black vinyl.
I copied the magazine titles on the spine of the boxes with a holographic vinyl.



Celtic box

Boite celtique
Every child needs a mess box (for candy sticks, kinder toys, shells and stones).
This shoe box was clean and had a hinge.
I cut a celtic design, stucked a white paper under the cover and put a nice vynil : it’s unrecognizable.



Film strip collage frame

Pele mele
For the 10th birthday of my daughter.
It looks like a film strip. Made with plexi, black and white adhesive vynils.
A quick glance to 10 years in a blink of an eye… (yes I know, there’s not the 10th picture, what does it mean Mr Psychologist ?).
Pele mele 2