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Flip-Flop cake

Gateau tongs
At the end of the year, the swimming club of my daughter is doing a picnic.

I had already made a swimming pool cake so I thought “Holiday”.

I didn’t saw when they cut the cake, but it was a multicolored marble cake.
You can see the soles HERE.

Some green and orange homemade marzipan, smarties and melted chocolate.
Strips are made with bristol.



Swimming pool cake

As usual, homemade marzipan.
The cake is hollowed (1″) out in the middle.
Branded marzipan for the stone floor.
Melt chocolate spread onto starting blocks.
marzipan strips for the lanes.
For water, gummi Smurf candies : melt them in microwave oven (cut the red and yellow caps).



Mice cake

Gateau souris
For my daughter’s birthday (her nickname is “the mouse”).

White chocolate icing with a little bit of yellow food colouring.
To make gruyere hold : index and little fingers !
Homemade marzipan mices (green like the french song !).

To see the homemade marzipan recipe, click HERE.



Skittles cake

gateau bowling
We took children to the bowling and went back home for pizzas.

One year too late : I had to put the 11th candy onto the bowling ball.

The hardest was to cut 10 skittle in the cake.
Fortunately there were 10 children.



Bowling party invitation

invitation bowling
Bowling comic strip invitation

In order : The nervous – The troll – The medidative – The dancer – The gentle – The math student – The tragic – The orgasmic – The resigned – The ball taste – The irascible – The expert – The casual – The awkward – The hysteric – Sabine (my daughter…).



Monster cake

Gâteau monstre
Maybe you know the comic “Kid Paddle”.

As always, marzipan (green for the body, pink for the tong and white for the teeth and the eye).

Some pustule/smarties and you’ve got the monster.



Rolling party invitation

Invitation fleurs
A little bit fragile.
What a pity, I had made a cake with the same flowers but I can’t find anymore the picture of it (I told my man we have lost some datas but he doesn’t believe me…).
Invitation fleurs2



Dragon cake

Gateau dragon
Again almond paste.
The dragon is drawn with melt chocolate (very useful to keep the Vahiné frosting pen when it’s finished : cut the bottom, clean it and use it with your own frosting).

For the drawing tuto click HERE.

Some chocolate powder spread with finger to highlight the dragon.

The little story of this cake : we ate it and then I realized I didn’t take a picture of it !!
My son was delighted, few days after I made another one and I didn’t forget the picture…



Dolphin cake

gateau dauphin
Nothing difficult but it’s my son’s favorite animal.
The cake remained small but the children weren’t many.



Inverted invitation

Invitation inversee
I used a twisted font to make it illegible.
Despite, kids succeeded without a mirror.
I think that was more difficult for their parent…



Detective party invitation

invitation detective
For kids born at the end of the year : I had a cutted phone book for 6 months !
I was caught at my own game, the children didn’t understand why the birthday cake was on the table.
It had not disappeared?

(The agency is hiring new detectives.
Come on saturday the 21th for a mystery : Yves birthday cake disappearance)