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News of my work-room

I uttered “Abracadabra” many times but it didn’t work : I spent hours to have this !
As I am fussy it took me many hours…

I wanted the color of the desk on my wall, but I didn’t find a desk that please me.
I made two walls “taupe” and two walls “linen”.
The laminate floor is made of these two colors ! (lucky).

Now it’s time for furnitures.



My work-room

Atelier 01
It’s like christmas and my birthday at the same time.

We are making an extension and this room will be…. my work-room !!
Not only my work-room, but I will have space for my mess to store my supplies.

Critical period : opening in the wall (on the right of the stepladder).
Everything is wrapped, protected and I will have hours of cleaning but that would be worthwhile.

After I will have painting, decoration and interior fittings.
Be patient, I won’t have time to work on my website !



Adobe Photoshop

One day, my love returned home with a photoshop tutos magazine : wonderful !
My birthday wasn’t far off, he offered me a graphic tablet.

With Photoshop you can modify photos but also create photomontage.
There’s a lot of tuto on the web (mostly in english….).



Hello everyone

Hello everyone !
My first coming on the web (thank you my love !)
When my son was born, I took a part time job.
Since a long time I wanted to learn sewing, that was the time.
One work leading to another, I discovered other handcrafts (and I don’t want to stop).
Surfing on the web, I now want to contribute on ideas and technics exchanges.
Be indulgent, the firsts images are not good (I now have a digital camera).
Click on the post title to see it (and leave me a comment), click on the image to see it “full screen”.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish further detail, I share with great pleasure.
And forgive my approximate english…. (you can correct my language mistakes).