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Skittles cake

gateau bowling
We took children to the bowling and went back home for pizzas.

One year too late : I had to put the 11th candy onto the bowling ball.

The hardest was to cut 10 skittle in the cake.
Fortunately there were 10 children.



Monster cake

Maybe you know the comic “Kid Paddle”.

As always, marzipan (green for the body, pink for the tong and white for the teeth and the eye).

Some pustule/smarties and you’ve got the monster.



Dragon cake

Gateau dragon
Again almond paste.
The dragon is drawn with melt chocolate (very useful to keep the Vahiné frosting pen when it’s finished : cut the bottom, clean it and use it with your own frosting).

For the drawing tuto click HERE.

Some chocolate powder spread with finger to highlight the dragon.

The little story of this cake : we ate it and then I realized I didn’t take a picture of it !!
My son was delighted, few days after I made another one and I didn’t forget the picture…



Heart shaped cake

gateau coeur
The picture is very bad. I can’t find a better one.

The year I discovered liquid food coloring.
I had fun making coloured powder sugar. I use it to stripe the heart-shaped cake.
With the rest of the colored sugar it was funny to eat psychedelic yoghurts.



Dolphin cake

gateau dauphin
Nothing difficult but it’s my son’s favorite animal.
The cake remained small but the children weren’t many.



Football cake

gateau foot
At this moment I realized that pieces of a soccer ball are not so simple (especially in flat).
The finishes are far from being perfect, I had to be in a hurry that day.



Garden cake

gateau jardin
The advantage of decorating a cake with almond paste is that children who don’t like the taste can take it off .
They like pecking sugar balls or smarties (which help to cut the cake in equal shares).



School cake

Gateau ecole
The first one of a (very ) long run of decorated cakes with almond paste.

In that time I found moldings alphabet and numbers in chocolate (I wish I kept those molds).