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Adobe Photoshop

One day, my love returned home with a photoshop tutos magazine : wonderful !
My birthday wasn’t far off, he offered me a graphic tablet.

With Photoshop you can modify photos but also create photomontage.
There’s a lot of tuto on the web (mostly in english….).



Strawberries bucket

Seau fraisier
My man really loves strawberries.
I took a plastic grappe harvest bucket. I cut the bottom and six holes all around with a hole saw.
Reverse the bucket and plant strawberries through holes and fill the bucket with earth.

Strawberries are always clean and easy to pick.
Seau fraisier2Seau fraisier3
For those who have a big garden, you can take a big plastic trash can.
To save earth, fill the center with piled garden pots.



Cat bowl

Bol chat
I wanted mine too.

Cats of course ! They are 6 all around.

I have still 2 white bowls, I’m waiting for ideas.



Celtic bowl

Bol celtique
My son wanted an all around design : “I’m sure you will manage….”.

There are three celtic snakes which beat themselves the tail.

Colored in Ferrari red of course !



Mice bowl

Bol souris
For my daughter (her nickname is “the mouse”).

A mouse needs to be green (like the french song) but mine was dry.
Unfortunately it was difficult to paint with the blue.

Little story : this bowl is the 2nd, my daughter crashed the first one (phew, that wasn’t my fault…).



Leopard box

Boite leopard
I tried decopatch craft, that didn’t please me.
I made this jewell box for my daughter.
A little piece of quilted fabric at the bottom, covered with satin (yes, I have never finished the back of the cover).
Boite leopard2



Genealogical house

Maison genealogique
For my mom’s birthday.
The hardest was to obtain a recent picture of everyone.
I went into a photocopy shop to print it onto a A2 paper (16.5″x23.6″).
I used an architecture software, I wish I knew  Photoshop…

My parent’s house has also shed dormers, but not so much windows !