Faitmain – Faitcoeur

Handmade - Heartmade

Done with my hands, from the bottom of my heart



Magic wallet

Portefeuille magique2
With a pocket to store the credit card.

Zebra vinyl for the outside, velvet vinyl for the inside.

You can find the tuto HERE.

Portefeuille magique



Skittles cake

gateau bowling
We took children to the bowling and went back home for pizzas.

One year too late : I had to put the 11th candy onto the bowling ball.

The hardest was to cut 10 skittle in the cake.
Fortunately there were 10 children.



Bowling party invitation

invitation bowling
Bowling comic strip invitation

In order : The nervous – The troll – The medidative – The dancer – The gentle – The math student – The tragic – The orgasmic – The resigned – The ball taste – The irascible – The expert – The casual – The awkward – The hysteric – Sabine (my daughter…).



Magazines box

Boites magazines
By making it yourself you can fit it to your magazine.

Some cardboard and black vinyl.
I copied the magazine titles on the spine of the boxes with a holographic vinyl.



Monster cake

Gâteau monstre
Maybe you know the comic “Kid Paddle”.

As always, marzipan (green for the body, pink for the tong and white for the teeth and the eye).

Some pustule/smarties and you’ve got the monster.



Kirigami folding

Kirigami is a japanese craft.

Like origami, never use glue.
The cutting is made with a sheet of paper (no piece is missing).

You can find the tuto HERE.
Kirigami 2



Leopard box

Boite leopard
I tried decopatch craft, that didn’t please me.
I made this jewell box for my daughter.
A little piece of quilted fabric at the bottom, covered with satin (yes, I have never finished the back of the cover).
Boite leopard2



Celtic box

Boite celtique
Every child needs a mess box (for candy sticks, kinder toys, shells and stones).
This shoe box was clean and had a hinge.
I cut a celtic design, stucked a white paper under the cover and put a nice vynil : it’s unrecognizable.



Rolling party invitation

Invitation fleurs
A little bit fragile.
What a pity, I had made a cake with the same flowers but I can’t find anymore the picture of it (I told my man we have lost some datas but he doesn’t believe me…).
Invitation fleurs2



Genealogical house

Maison genealogique
For my mom’s birthday.
The hardest was to obtain a recent picture of everyone.
I went into a photocopy shop to print it onto a A2 paper (16.5″x23.6″).
I used an architecture software, I wish I knew  Photoshop…

My parent’s house has also shed dormers, but not so much windows !